cruzin’ Cob 
building services
santa cruz, CA.

This is my passion.

I am happiest when outside, barefoot, it’s a beautiful day, and I have many unscheduled hours ahead to get my feet back into the sweet earth, sand and straw mixture and continue quietly building my future refuge. Pure marriage of function and beauty in action.

What is “COB”?

“Cob” is an old english term for “loaf”, like a loaf of bread. no, not a corn cob. though I have yet to see a house built out of corn cobs, anything is possible in the natural building world!

“cob” is a mixture of clay soil, sand, straw and water, traditionally mixed by foot, to music or singing.  it has been and continues to be used as the world’s oldest, cheapest, most sustainable and most beautiful building material, allowing the builder to quietly create a personal, artistic and healthy home which can last 100’s of years and cost from nothing to very little.

“cob” building can be a solo or community experience, or a mixture of both.  it is surely a meditation and very healing as clay removes toxins from the body and shaping and sculpting clay are deep expressive therapeutic activities.

there is no comparable gift to spending time in a “cob” structure. it is a quiet refuge for your soul, especially if kept free of electronics and electricity and allows one to feel rejuvenated and cleansed by the earth.  i wish this opportunity for everyone: to be able to design and build their own simple structure from nature’s finest, most durable materials, and make it a unique reflection of their soul.

Claudine Désirée founded Cruzin’Cob in 2004 (as Sunflower Cob Building) to bring cob instruction and experience to the Central Coast. And help people create their dream cob cottages!!! Now, 10 years later she has permitted the first cob structure in SC with the financial support of the cob-loving community, paving the way for legal cob building in SC and everywhere!

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